WordPress和Windows Live Writer下的代码高亮

换了主题(从f2到Radiate),使用了更强大的代码高亮插件SyntaxHighlighter Evolved (wordpress插件)和WLW Code Plugin (Windows Live Writer插件),但碰到无法阻止代码换行,代码内不显示字符而是显示HTML entries (如<)等问题。折腾了好几天,最后在Solagirl帮助下解决的。现在算是对代码高亮比较了解了,做个笔记,以便下一次升级或者更换主题碰到同样问题有个参考。 Read more

The differences among bachelor, master and PhD

I am going to deliver a presentation to the students of the high school where I studied. Part of my presentations is to explain the differences among bachelor, master and PhD. A blog that I read several years ago, posted by Matthew Might,  come to my mind. I google it out and share with your guys. Here is the YouTube video, enjoy it. Anyway, keep pushing.

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