How to pronounce -ed regular verb endings

This article (from this video) is going to talk about how to pronounce the past tense of a regular verbs, which takes -ed endings. There are three different ways to pronounce the -ed, depending on the final sound of the verb in the infinitive form.

1. Verb ends in [t] or [d], -ed/ɪd/

punted, rested; landed, ended, needed.

2. Unvoiced consonant ending, -ed/t/

[p]   [k]   [f]  [θ]  [s]  [∫]  [t∫]

flipped, baked, laughed,  washed, missed, wished, watched 

3. Voiced consonant, vowel, or diphthong ending, -ed/d/

3.1 Voiced consonant

[b]   [g]   [v]   [ð]  [z]   [dз]  [m]  [n]  [ŋ]  [l]  [r] 

robbed, begged, saved, seized, changed, bummed, leaned, filled, required

3.2 Vowel or diphthong

  • 前元音  [i:]  [i]   [e]   [æ]
  • 中元音  [ə:]  [ə]
  • 后元音  [u:]  [u]   [כ]  [כ:]   [a:]  [۸] 
  • 双元音  [ei]  [ai]  [כi]  [əu]  [au]  [iə]  [εə]  [uə]

carried, shied

4. Conclusion


[1]YouTube: How to pronounce -ed verb endings




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