Set up VPN on OS X with AWS

This article is to introduce setting up a connection to a virtual private network (VPN) with amazon web services (AWS).

1. Set up VPN on the server-side, AWS

Please refer to my previous blog: Windows 8.1 + AWS + VPN.

2. Set up VPN on the user-side, OS X

Step 1: Create a new service

System Preferences –> Network –> Click + on the bottom-left corner,

Interface: select VPN
Service name: type a string as you like, such as 'sparkandshine'

Click Create.

Step 2: Configure VPN

Fig. 1: Configure VPN

Fill out the serve address (i.e. AWS EC2 Elastic IPs) and account name,

Serve address: XX.XX.XX.XX
Account name: sparkandshine

Click Authentication Settings –> type Password –> OK

Click Connect, and then we have,

Fig. 2: VPN connected

Enjoy it:-)


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