Use XeLaTeX in Texmaker

XeLaTeX has been added to the standard commands of Texmaker  since the version 3.5.1. This blog shows how to use XeLaTeX in Texmaker with a simple example.

1. Use XeLaTeX in Texmaker

Menu –> Options –> Configure Texmaker –> Quick build –> Select ‘XeLaTeX + View PDF’,as shown in the following figure:


Fig. 1. Texmaker configuration

The Latin Modern fonts is defaulted by XeLaTeX, not covering Chinese. To display Chinese characters correctly, the font type should be assigned explicitly by using the command:

\usepackage{fontspec}  %Advanced font selection in X∃LATEX and LuaLATEX

\setsansfont{<font name>}[<font options>]

Here is a simple example.



\setsansfont{Microsoft YaHei}   %Microsoft YaHei Regular (don't include Regular )
% or use the filename



PS: Check Windows available fonts by Start –> Run –> %windir%\fonts –> OK.

2. More about XeLaTeX

The following text is excerpted from the wikipedia XeTeX:

XeTeX (/ˈziːtɛx/ zee-tekh[1] or /ˈziːtɛk/) is a TeX typesetting engine using Unicode and supporting modern font technologies such as OpenType, Graphite and Apple Advanced Typography (AAT).

XeLaTeX is a replacement for PDFLaTeX, it takes LaTeX input and turns it into a PDF. The major differences between latex/pdflatex and xelatex are[2]:

  • xelatex assumes input is in UTF8 (which allows encoding of non-English and non-Latin characters) by default
  • xelatex uses system fonts, not specially installed latex fonts

For more info, please reach out the official website

[1]Texmaker changelog
[2]Using XeLaTeX




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